First Stop Family Mediation

Fiona Sawkins - FMC Accredited (0970A) Lawyer Mediator and Child Inclusive Mediator

Services and Costs

MEDIATION INFORMATION AND ASSESSMENT MEETINGS (MIAM) - Unless you are exempt, a prospective applicant in family court proceedings must attend a MIAM before issuing an application.  The meeting is information based with the aim of providing full information about not only mediation but other forms of dispute resolution and as required, Child Inclusive Mediation.  Where appropriate the other party will be invited to also attend a MIAM individually so that an informed decision can be made on the way forward.    

Individual meetings are scheduled for 45 minutes to one hour and are charged at £100 each.


Pre Mediation Individual Meetings

Mediation begins with the clients meeting with the mediator on an individual basis.  These meetings are charged at the hourly rate of £110 per hour per person.   Scheduled for one hour each, the meetings are held on a day and time convenient to the parties.

Joint Mediation meetings are charged at the hourly rate of £220 shared between the parties. The hourly rate is applied to the length of the mediation meeting. Mediation meetings are typically between one and half to two hours long. The number of meetings required will depend on your circumstances and the issues to resolve but on average two to three meetings is not unusual.

Child Inclusive Mediation - I am qualified to meet with children and young people.  Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM ) is a carefully managed and assessed process.   I provide information to parents regarding the availability of CIM at an early stage to enable parents to fully consider the option.    Meetings with children are scheduled for no longer than 45 minutes and are charged at £150.  Meetings with parents are charged at my hourly rate of £220 shared.

Preparation of documents (Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Statement) - A fee of £220 shared is charged for the preparation of these documents. 

There is no charge for telephone calls or emails and no vat is applied to any fees.

Professional Practice Consultancy (Supervision) for Family Mediators - Individual and group consultancy meetings are held regularly. Please contact Fiona for more details.

Mediation Venues : Currently due to COVID, my work is mainly conducted via the online platform Zoom.  When appropriate to offer face to face meetings, I am able to offer meetings at Farnborough and Alton and other venues within twenty five/thirty mile radius of Alton.