First Stop Family Mediation

Fiona Sawkins - FMC Accredited (0970A) Lawyer Mediator and Child Inclusive Mediator

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process helping couples who have decided to separate or divorce make arrangements for their future. As a mediator I am impartial and will not give legal advice nor will I make decisions for you.   I will however provide legal information and will help you to identify the issues you need to resolve, consider different arrangements and test the practicality of those arrangements to ensure that they work for your family.

Whether you are a married or an unmarried couple, separated or still living together, parents or other family member mediation can help you to:

Decide terms for separation/divorce

M​ake arrangements for your children

Make financial provision for yourselves and/or children

Decide how the family home and other property and assets should be shared.


Reduces conflict and tension

Improves communication, understanding and co-operation

Allows you to make decisions together according to your particular circumstances

Is swifter, more cost effective and less stressful than court proceedings

Clients can contact me direct or quite often a referral is made via solicitors. Whichever route my neutrality is paramount and the next step is for me to speak to you both individually in a free of charge non committal telephone call where I can introduce myself, provide initial information and answer any questions you may have to enable you to make informed decision on the way forward.